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Clash: Shadow Appex Edition - 2016

I'm already a pretty huge fighting game fan, so for my final project I was excited because that is exactly what my team decided to make for our Final Project, not to mention some of my closest friends where my teammates.  

So with 5 months of dev time we spent much time trying to recreat many of the nuanced technologies that come with fighting games and their mechanics like hit stun, correct jumping functionality, animation cancelling, attack priority/hitboxes and much more, not to mention all the glitches that come with it.

Heres a link to download the game and check out gameplay footage (you will probably need wired Xbox controllers):

Artingo - 2017

During the Philadelphia Art Museum Hackathon, I worked on the initial technologies involved for our game which was designed to be a mix of BINGO + Scavenger Hunting, where the various pieces of the art museum where called and you had to search for them within the museum for your phone.

This required me to parse the museums database with .JSON

Organ Building Blocks - 2017

One of the contracts I worked on with my Indie team SIR-VR Studious had us making learning module games for Legends of Learning.  Our module specifically had to be a game that would teach students the basic building blocks of life.   

On this assignment I helped design, prototype, debug and publish.  Specifically I worked on some baseline structures and logic, optimization for the iOS, animation system, source control, mobile controls and QA.  According to judges our game is well received and scored high among teachers and judges.

Food Fight - 2016

National Bomb Ball League

As a part of Philly Dev Night's "What if? Game Jam" my friend and I formed a team with an associate of mine and a few other strangers.  Our task, to make a game where the theme is centered around us asking the question, "What if _____" where we asked: What if in cook-offs, the food came to life and would battle opposing chef's dishes.  The result was a pvp focused button masher game made in the Unity Game Engine which resulted in us taking first place.

For this project I worked on the animation system, some game logic including collision code, and spawning enemies as well as initialization for a lot of the game objects and entities.


This was the midpoint project of my time in school.  I came on to a pre-existing team where their game was already designed and prototyped.  


Over the coarse of 2 months I mixed in with the team very well and was tasked with doing a simple 2D particle system and later some of the in game mechanics and HUD elements.


Sadly like many of my other projects that couldnt be fully retrieved I don't have an .exe to give but for what its worth I do have my teams post mortom.

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